One of the Best Instructors I’ve had!

I’ve participated in the Strength & Conditioning class and the Yoga class that Dawn teaches at Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center. Dawn always takes time to explain the movements with emphasis on safety and modifications if necessary. She observes each student and advises adjustments indivudually. Her routines are varied and fun. I highly recommend her! – Gerri

PE Teacher gives a Thumbs Up!

Dawn Jex has been our class instructor for weight training and core yoga. She is by fr the most qualified and capable leader our group has had. And she makes class a lot of fun! I speak for our class when I highly recomend Dawn as an instructor for all models of fitness training. The participants would be delighted to have her! – Bev (A PE teacher for 32 years!)

Husband and Wife Agree!

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Dawn in her Strength & Conditioning class at Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center in Anacortes. We find her classes to be consistently good, with a new and original routine every class. She makes us work to our limits, but also shows us alternative moves that are easier for those not-quite-so-fit-yet students. Her classes consist of men and women, all ages and all levels of fitness.  Dawn is personable, has a wonderful sense of humor, keeps us working hard with laughter and a sense of purpose. – Nancy

Dawn is Amazing!!!

I had tried yoga maybe a handful of times before meeting Dawn Jex a few months ago….but I never LOVED Yoga until I met her. She is such an amazing person and is so accepting of everyone and everything. You can guarantee that she will put her all into everything she does. There are no words to express how much Dawn has truly inspired me and in so many different ways. Dawn will not only be your teacher she will be your friend. I am happy that I had the opportunity to meet her and attend her practice and I hope to take advantage of any opportunities I may have in the future. 🙂 – Gena D.


A leader and motivator!

I started going to Dawn’s classes because I REALLY wanted to try SUP yoga on a paddle board! I figured I should learn a couple poses first, since I was brand new to yoga. I eased into Dawn’s classes with her great instruction. I really like how well she describes the poses- not much thinking required to figure them out which leaves lots of effort for focusing! What a great encourager and motivator! I cannot thank her enough for helping me become a better focused person, more confident of what I can accomplish. – Rachel G.



Dawn changes the face of yoga classes! I joined her classes on a whim with a friend and was hooked. Not only does Dawn challenge you to test your body to it’s full potential, but she also challenges you to test yourSELF to your own potential as well. Her classes were hard, but you left feeling amazing and couldn’t wait to return. I doubt I will ever find an instructor like her! – Breanna D.

Amazing teacher!

Dawn Jex introduced me to yoga in April. I have been addicted since. Her passion for yoga is so contagious that I look forward to every moment on my mat. She is an amazing teacher that knows when you should be challenged or might need extra time in Downward Dog. I have also had two private SUP Yoga classes with her. They were challenging since you need to focus and use your core to balance. Thank you Dawn! – Kim D.


Awesome teacher, love her classes

When I first started yoga with Dawn, I had never taken a class before and was totally uncomfortable with the whole thing. Dawn took the time to explain things and make me feel comfortable and pretty soon I was hooked. She teaches a varied class each time (never the same class twice!) and is great about modifying for people if they have particularly weak areas and/or injuries. I always feel at home in Dawn’s classes and its like a big family. – Kassandra B.


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