Taking Time in Georgia

Have you ever had one of those months where life just seems to be going too fast? You are so busy that you’re constantly misplacing your keys or phone, the 36 unread emails in your inbox are making you feel anxious and you know you really need to vacuum but you can’t find the time?

Life seems to be moving faster these days. Everyone is in a hurry! We rush through the grocery store to get to yoga class. We hurry on the freeway and rush our kids through multiple activities each week.  We are over scheduled and stressed and it’s starting to take a toll.

When life feels hectic and I can’t think straight, I go on a road trip. I get in the car with my guy and we explore some place new and try to unplug from the routine of our lives.

This past weekend, we headed northwest from Darien toward Madison, GA. After a little time on the road I began to relax.  I started to notice Indian Paintbrush, Wisteria and Spiderwort growing wild at the roadside. I saw tall green Pine trees and Pecan Orchards. I saw fields full of cows and banks of azaleas bursting into bloom!

Our room for the night was a small log cabin located at Crafdal farm – a 50 acre piece of land devoted to nature, gardening and animals. The yard around the cabin brimmed with Columbine, Spiderwort, Phlox and Dill. Lime green Maple trees provided privacy and a welcoming front porch invited us to sit for a while. Handmade quilts hung on the bed, the outhouse was only a few steps away and alpacas, goats and a rooster were our neighbors.

Collage 2018-04-08 18_41_38

It was perfect. It was quiet, secluded and comfortable.  It was ok to just sit in the rocking chair and read a book. I could brew a cup a tea and watch the alpacas stare back at me. I might walk around the property or take a nap. There was no rush or hurry…..at All.

It was like we stepped out of time. Because there was no “rush” or “hurry” time seemed to expand – It was as though there was MORE time than usual.

We took that time and walked around the historic town square and sat in a coffee shop listening to music. We enjoyed each other’s company. We slept curled up together against the chill. We took the time we needed to move away from the crazy, hectic, anxiousness of every day life. We took the time to sit on the front porch, not saying a word, and listen to the hummingbird zip through the nearby bushes.

We took the time to slow down in Georgia.

And my wish is for you to be able to do the same. Peace, Love, Namaste.




What I Learned from Travel

As a child, I moved all the time. 6 months here, two years there. With my mom for awhile, and then my grandparents. I’ve lived in trailer parks and the basement of a friend’s house. I also lived in very nice suburbs and out in the middle of nowhere. I went to 8 different school from Kindergarten through graduating High School. So travel and moving was instilled in me at a young age.

By moving all the time I learned how to make friends quickly and also how to say goodbye and let go of those friends. I learned that having possessions only slowed us down. It was easier to move if you didn’t have a lot to pack. I became accustomed to giving my things away. I also didn’t have pets. You can’t have a pet if you’re living in a travel trailer in Valdez, Alaska. It’s just too small and cold.

As I grew older and got married I knew that I wanted to have kids and have a house somewhere nice where we could raise those kids. And we did that. I stayed in one place for 15 years. And even though I was stationary geographically I was always changing things around the house. Changing the furniture, changing the paint colors, changing the landscape. I had been programmed to be comfortable with change.

Changing things around the house was my way of feeling that I was having some kind of small adventure even though in my heart I wanted to provide stability for my kids because I didn’t have that in my childhood. And to this day – my children are still in that small town, in the house we raised them in. Is that a good thing? Sometimes I don’t know.

Over the course of the last five years I have been traveling – really traveling. Our first trip was a Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico. It was heavenly – beautiful blue water and white sandy beaches. Fresh, healthy food, yoga every morning and long walks on the beach every day.

Then Costa Rica. Luna Lodge – a yoga retreat but this time in the jungles of the Osa Peninsula. Where Howler Monkeys wake you up every morning, the sand of the beach is black and turtles as big as dinner plates emerge from the mud when it rains!

A yoga teaching stint in Belize followed. Then Italy, Thailand, another trip to Belize, A sailing trip to the Dalmatian Islands of Croatia, Gibraltar, Spain, The Bahamas and BVI’s, the north coast of Africa and around and across the U.S a few times. It’s been a busy five years!

And what I have learned through travel is that WE ARE ALL ONE. We all want the same things. We all want to be happy, to have the freedom to live our lives in peace, to raise our families and prosper. In every place I have traveled – everyone wants to help. Locals will help you find what you are looking for. They will try to find someone who speaks English to help you and they will help you make change!!!!!

I also learned that I am a part of something much bigger than just the United States. I am a citizen of the world. I am part of the WHOLE and I am responsible for what I do. I am responsible for how I treat the environment. I am responsible for how much plastic I use and throw into the trash. I am responsible for the karmic energy I put out into the world: how I treat people, whether I create community or competition – whether I choose Love or Fear. I am responsible.

And finally traveling taught me that I am more capable that I thought. I always tell the story of traveling to Italy alone (with a tour group) but alone. And one day our leader left us in Florence with a map. We were on our own to tour the city, see what we chose and make our way through the day. And although I was a bit nervous. I did It! I even managed to get my hair cut at a salone where no one spoke English and I also got a tattoo! All without speaking Italian! It was a big moment for me. I felt grown up and capable and proud of myself.

And even though I now live in Georgia and I’m setting down roots here, I still want to make time for travel. And I want to take YOU with me. Where would you like to go? How about we go on a Yoga Retreat to Costa Rica and see what travel will teach YOU?

Happy Tools

I’m happy most of the time. In fact, I’m so cheerful that occasionally it irritates people! I have normal emotional ups and downs but after thinking about it, I realized that I’m happy about 85% of the time. I have been really, really unhappy before though. In fact, I spent a year in clinical depression. Depression so painful that I didn’t want to breathe anymore. It was awful. So I work really hard NOT to go back there.

My favorite tool to keep me on the happy side of life is to count my blessings. I try to find at least five: I have love in my life, I have a place to live, I’m healthy, I’m doing something I really like and My kids still say, “I love you mom!” When I’m having a really rough day my list looks more like this: I’m breathing……I have gas in my car…….UMmmmmm….I have coffee…. squirrels are cute… I like the blue sky…. But at least I can still find five things!

My next best tool is to move (sometimes drag) my mind into the present moment. If I am busy worrying about something then I am NOT present. I’m really in the future making up stories about what “might” happen and then making myself sick over it. If I’m thinking about something in the past I’m not present in this moment either. When I finally bring myself to this moment I can see that everything is fine. I’m ok. Life is good and I don’t have anything to complain about.

Another tool that I use is exercise. I am a yoga instructor so I practice some kind of yoga daily. Yoga helps me get in touch with my body and my mind. It helps me “burn away the crazy” and also produces ‘Happy” endorphins in my brain! I also like to hike, ride my bike, swim or paddleboard. Any kind of exercise is helpful!

An often used tool is to talk to others about what is bothering me. It can be a professional counselor or a really good friend. But it needs to be someone I can be brutally honest with. Someone who will just listen and not judge. This person/or group of people can take some time and trial and error to find! Unburdening myself in this way takes a ton of weight off of my soul and raises my happiness level by leaps and bounds.

Hugs or hand holding is a great way to boost my happiness level. Humans are made to be in connection and communion with others. Being able to hug someone – tight, or walk around holding hands is an essential part of how we are made. If you’re not with a partner right now, go get a massage. Appropriate touch through massage can be a very worthwhile thing in your life. It is especially helpful for senior citizens who have lost their partner in life.

Going outside is probably one of the most underutilized ways to boost your happiness level! Our bodies need the vitamin D that the sun gives our skin. At least 20 minutes a day outside is recommended. I lived in Seattle for most of my life and there is not enough sunshine there but being outdoors at least gave me fresh air, green moss under my feet, huge pine trees to smell and ocean views. The sound of the waves can be a great meditation tool!


So, if you’re feeling a little out of sorts please try one (or all) of these Happy Tools! Life is good. It’s difficult sometimes but it’s worth it. Every day.

From My Heart to Yours!

Americas Religion – Consumerism

No one NEEDS three sets of dishes. No one needs “fancy” silverware, every day silver and picnic silverware too. Most of us have more clothes than we need and some of us even have clothes in our closets with the tags still on them!  No one needs all of that pressure to purchase, decorate and consume! What we need is to learn how to live with less. LOTS less.

I feel comfortable speaking on this subject because that used to be me. I wanted to be Martha Stewart. I loved everything she did. I bought transfer ware plates because she had them. I painted my rooms in muted shades because that is what she showed in her magazine. Hell, I even raised a couple of Arucana Chickens to get those coveted blue and green eggs that she raved about!

I had it bad folks! Mix my Need for More, More, More with my Need for Perfectionism and I was a hot mess! At one point I had 7 Christmas trees in my house – ALL during the same Holiday Season! I was so busy trying to be the perfect, wife, mom, home-maker, PTA member, and Church Lady that I lost site of what was the most important thing of all – my sanity! How can you stay sane when everyone is constantly telling you that enough is NOT enough?

Maybe it’s time we stop trying to do it all, Be it all, and have it all. Maybe it’s time that we say that it’s ok to live with less. That it’s ok to not be upgrading EVERY stinking time one is available or advertised on TV. I know I’m ready. How about you? Are you ready to say “enough” to all of the pressure to be perfect and stop trying to buy your way to happiness?

There are lots of people out there today sharing this message. You can check out the Minimalists. They have a similar message. Here’s what I’m doing.

  1. Stop buying so much crap. Do I NEED this or do I just WANT it?
  2. Get rid of what you don’t use. Clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff.
  3. Count your Blessings. Be more aware of the good stuff in your life.
  4. Be more Present. In THIS moment. Not the future or past.
  5. Don’t let others tell you what you need. You are the expert on that.

Life is NOT about stuff folks. Stuff just gets in the way. Have enough to be useful and comfortable but if you don’t wear it, touch it or love it – It needs to go.

It’s ok to say NO. YOU are enough without all the STUFF.

Move Toward What is Light

I got some great advice the other day. And it came from someone I don’t even know. He’s a self-help guru from Los Angeles that I found out about on the Internet! Now I normally don’t go looking for a lot of help online unless I’m really down. But what he had to say landed in my brain with a, “Oh yeah!” And just like that I was hooked.

He said lots of great things but the thing that hit home was, “Move away from what feels heavy and move towards things that feel light.” Easy right? So, why have I never thought of it this way before? I’ve said, “If it isnt’ a HELL YES, then it’s a NO.” That’s a pretty good one and I’ve also said, “What’s meant to be will be.” Isn’t that a song from the 50’s or something? LOL…..

But FEELING how your body reacts to a situation or a question is easy for me. Do I want to travel around the world – Hell Yes! Excitement, My face smiles – hence lightness!!!!! Do I want to stop going to school and do it right now? Ummmmm no….concern, worry, lots of questions….hence a heavy feeling. See it’s easy! Give it a try!

Yeah….right now….ask yourself a question and see how your tummy feels….does your heart drop? Or do you start to worry about it? Or does it make you get all squirmy feeling and excited??????

I hope it works for you too. Sometimes all we need is a new tool to help us figure things out. Because we commit ourselves to things that we really don’t want to do ….because we get shamed into it, or our mom makes us feel guilty, or we just feel societal pressure…the reasons are never-ending really. And the truth is we shouldn’t do that.

Stick with your gut – your inner Guru. It will give you an honest answer if you listen. Try it out this week and let me know if it works for you!

Now you’ll have to excuse me because I’m feeling like it would be a very good idea to go spend some time walking in nature!!!!!

My Birth – DAY on the Sea.

Okay, I know, I know!!! My birthday was last month! No, I’m not trying to drag out my birthday into another month but I do have something really important I want to talk to you about. It’s Balloons.

Most of us purchase balloons for our children’s birthday or maybe even to “let go” at our wedding shower. I see them in the grocery stores, the flower shops and even at restaurants sometimes. They are everywhere – Unfortunately.

After our last sail from Catalina Island to Ventura, California I will NEVER purchase another balloon. We saw at least 15 balloons floating randomly on the surface of the ocean and were able to save only six. I will say, it kind of felt like The Universe was saying “Happy Birthday DAWN!” because I have never seen so many balloons in the water.

But balloons don’t belong in the water. Fish try to eat them, birds get the strings wrapped around their necks and choke to death. Turtles get stuck in them. This is not a happy event for them!!!!

I know balloons look pretty and I know it’s a “thing” we human do to celebrate….but I KNOW we can find something else. I know we’re smarter than this! In fact,  If you are reading this,  I’m going to ask you to be bigger than balloons. I’m going to ask you to find another way – buy a cookie or a big cardboard sign or ANYTHING.

These oceans are OURS and we have to do what we can to try to keep them clean, to keep the fish healthy and to stop polluting our fricking home!

Because this:


Is NOT worth this:


P.S. We found a Mylar balloon in Joshua Tree as well 😦 Below is some more info for you. Please do your part to help. Namaste.


Gypsy Comes Home

It’s strange coming back home. During the last 9 months I have been to all four corners of the U.S. with a short trip to Europe thrown in for good measure! People walk up to me with a far-away expression on their face as though I’ve done something incomprehensible! They seem to have a romantic notion of what a nomadic lifestyle is like and they want me to tell them how dreamy it was! When they ask “Did you love it?” I have to pause because the answer isn’t simple.

Traveling is fun. It’s good to explore places like the Grand Canyon, the Rock of Gibraltar, the Florida Keyes and the crystal blue water of the Bahamas. When I look through my photos it’s surprising to me how many places I’ve visited. It’s  a blast to meet new people and make friends. I even earned a new understanding of how big our country is after taking a solo road trip from Tennessee to Washington state.

But traveling is not easy. By definition you are going away from home. You carry all of your possesions with you and you stay, sleep and eat in places that are not yours. Renting a house for a few months in Georgia was the most stable time we had and that house was for sale. So every time they needed to show the house we had to skeedaddle. We loved having the house but it was very clear that it wasn’t ours.

We also stayed with family and had a boat on which we camped. But none of them were home. I missed having a place that was MINE. Where I could keep a few cherished possessions. Where I could decorate or paint or lie in bed all day and know that it was ok because it was MY place. Having a HOME to come home to is a very good thing.

The hardest thing for me was learning to let go. You have to let go of a schedule, a PLAN, a time table, stability and security. You have to be ready to turn right or left on a whim. You have to be willing to NOT KNOW what was coming next and to go with the flow!

In my old life, I was a schedule fanatic. My kids were on a schedule, my stomach was on a schedule, I had a plan for everything and if things did not go according to that plan I became agitated and frustrated and extremely uncomfortable. I just felt that life was better planned out. A day went smoother when you knew where you’d be for lunch and where you’d be that night. But I had to throw all of that out the window on this journey.

I also struggled with isolation. Many people love being out on their own for long periods of time and I have learned to like my own company more than I used to. But I still missed my people. I am very lucky in that I have a group of friends and family who love and support me in a way no one else can.

I hope you have a group like this too. People who listen to you and understand. Who will call you on your crap when you’re being selfish or seeing things unclearly. People who are really there for you when you need them. I was very lucky in that I found some new “people” along the way!

So the answer is YES, I had a great time over the last year! I saw amazing places for the first time! I had experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. I learned a lot about myself too. I learned that I am capable, brave and strong and that I can adapt. I also learned that I like having a home and a plan and my people close by.

So if you walk up to me and ask me how my adventure went….be patient if I hesitate. I’m just trying to give you an honest answer. Adventure and Exploration are great but it’s also wonderful to come home and sit by the fire.  Would I do it again? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Mostly. Are there things I would change: Definitely Yes. Did I see amazing things? Yes. Did I meet great people? Yes. Was it easy? Hell NO.

For now, I’m glad to be back home….if only for the summer.

Namaste Y’all