5 Keys to an Amazingly Happy Life!


1. Play Every Day!  Don’t ever give up playing. As we age we tend give up the things we used to do when we were younger. Things like Riding a bicycle, play in the woods, rollerskating or skateboarding.Did you used to  jump in mud puddles, go sailing or color in a coloring book? How about singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song? Whatever play means to you – find some time for yourself to play every day and you will make your life more enjoyable!

2. Decide to Live now! I meet so many people who are unhappy and they put off the things that they really want to do for some time later for various reasons. Well, what if later never comes? Life is Short. Live it Now. If you want to move to a new town, move. If you want to change jobs – do it! Start planning that trip you’ve always wanted to take!  Start putting money away and planning your wardrobe. You CAN do it. Silence that little negative voice in your head that says  you can’t or shouldn’t. Start moving forward toward your goal. It IS attainable. Your life is what you decide to make of it!

3. Get Yoga in your life. Yoga is for EVERYONE!  And yes, I mean EVERYONE! (All Caps intended) If you can breathe you can do yoga. Be brave. Find a classroom and see how it goes. I have been blessed to have students from ages 96 on down to toddlers (ok the toddlers were really along for the ride but you get my meaning). I have had students in wheelchairs, with spinal fusions, hip and knee replacements, fibromialgia, arthritis, migraines and sciatic pain. I have taught people who are thin, heavy, skinny, tall and short. EVERYONE says they are not flexible. You are not alone – we all have body issues so there really is no reason NOT to get on a mat so stop trying to give me your excuses!

4. Believe in Yourself!  I wish you could see how awesome you are! You have a light within you that is just longing to shine out to the universe! Each of us is a unique expression that will only happen once. You are enough just the way you are. You don’t need to be smarter, thinner, more flexible, richer or younger.  Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be. Listen to your heart. Your heart will never steer you wrong. Each of us has a unique special purpose here on earth. Find out what yours is – share yourself with the world. Shine your light – shine it bright because only YOU can bring it like you can!

5. Don’t do it alone! Find a circle of support where ever you are. We are all in this together! Find people who really care about you and who want you to be happy and healthy. Find a group where you have a connection and create community. A place where you can talk and folks like to hear about your plans and goals. Where they encourage you, lift you up and help you feel like you belong. Where they see your beauty, your specialness, your ability and fierceness!  We are all here on this great ride called life  let’s be kind to each other- let’s make it a blast!


A Letter From A Yoga Teacher.


Something strange happened to me the other day. I was at a dinner party with a large group of people and someone asked me, “Is this food ok for you to eat?”  For a moment I was stunned as I looked down at my yummy plate of spaghetti wondering what in the world they were talking about. Were they asking if I had food allergies? Were they wondering if I didn’t like pasta?  As my mind formulated several witty and off color comebacks, I realized that that their question was based solely on the fact that I am a yoga teacher.

It was the first time that I realized I was being viewed through a different lens simply because I teach yoga. You know because all yoga teachers are vegan, only wear hand woven clothing made in america of natural fibers, eat only organically grown fruits and veggies and raise their own soy beans. They most certainly do not drink coffee or eat chocolate or hamburgers! They drink tons of green tea and eat granola. They are all a size 4 and can do every pose in the book……right?

Wrong. Yoga Teachers are just like everyone else. We are all unique individuals. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Some of us still eat meat – and lots of it. Others have chosen to forgo sugar and caffeine and leather. Some are small and very bendy and others of us are still working out the kinks.  But each and every Yoga Teacher is different and thank god because wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?

So just so you know – This yoga teacher drinks coffee every morning, still partakes of sugar, will eat just about anything except for liver and onions, has an occasional alcoholic drink, is definitely NOT a size 4, makes lots of mistakes but tries to laugh through them, loves people, tries to find joy in every day,  loves to laugh and play and most importantly LOVES sharing yoga with others!