Yogi becomes Personal Trainer

Oh my Gosh! I did it!……I’ve been having lots of these moments lately. Moments where I absolutely amaze myself and reach an achievement that seemed previously impossible!

Such was my reaction when I recently passed my Certified Personal Trainer test through NASM. I couldn’t believe it! Don’t get me wrong. I’m a good student and I worked really hard, studied and crammed like I did in college and then when I found out I passed the test I had that OMG moment!

I also had that moment this morning when I finished my four mile non-stop hike carrying a backpack with weights in it. 15 pounds might not sound like a whole lot but after four miles that 15 pounds multiplies to about 60! I was never so glad in my life to get that thing off of my back!

I had that moment again when I accomplished headstand. When I finally got inverted and raised my feet up to the ceiling I was so excited I almost fell out of the pose!

It’s nice to know that OMG moments are still possible. That I’m still capable of surprising myself and able to reach new goals that I never thought I’d be able to attain! Life is such a wonderful journey! It’s full of growth – if you reach for it. Fun if you seek it, and Holy Cow, OH my word, and Can You believe it – jaw dropping moments that may throw you for a loop!

I hope You continue to learn, grow and seek. Life is out there – reach for it, savor it and have a few Oh My Gosh moments of your own!