Dawn Jex

I Am……a work in progress! 🙂

I am a mother, explorer, wanderer and yoga lover. I earn my living primarily from teaching yoga and fitness classes. I am brave, adventurous, wild and fun! I love to play on my mat and enjoy life to the fullest. I travel as often as possible. I try to eat healthy – as long as I can still have coffee and chocolate! I love to find a good bargain, eat healthy food and encourage others to live their best life!

What I DO:

I teach yoga – fun, playful yoga that makes your body move and your skin sweat! I teach Inversions for Beginners, I teach Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, I build individual practices for clients and I LOVE to teach yoga outdoors!

I teach fitness – group classes are my specialty. A full body workout that moves you from head to toe! I always include a little balance and core work – because who doesn’t need improvement in those areas?

I teach Health & Wellness – Because there is a lot more to loving your life than just exercise. How do you speak to yourself? Do you give yourself a break or are you as mean as hell to the inner you? I can help you learn to break these habits.

I am a writer – Mostly things that make me wonder or that I find fascinating. All from my point of view which CAN be a little twisted at times. I also love to write studio reviews for places I have visited, new exercises I have tried, and new teachers I enjoy!

Contact me at dawnbossypants@gmail.com or 360-631-0587 for costs and estimates.  (P.S. As of 9.12.16 I will be living in Riverside, CA – services offered in a 30 miles radius!)


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