Yoga in Belize/Dreams Come True

As I stepped onto the white sandy beach of Southwest Caye on Glovers Reef my body flushed with goose bumps as I realized that my dreams were finally coming true. I had been moving toward this beach for the last 3 years. When I became a yoga teacher the idea came to me how awesome it would be to travel to exotic locations to teach yoga! I had already taught some in Costa Rica and Croatia but this was different! This was my intention coming to life! I looked around and took in my surroundings: beautiful blue water, light breeze, coconut trees and I thought…..”OH THIS is gonna be Goooood!”

I was unsure what to expect as far as the clients who would be joining us on Glover’s Reef during my two week stay. Would they be seasoned yogis? Would they be totally new to yoga? Would they even want to come to class?  Of course, it’s the same with any yoga class and I try to remember that whomever is meant to be there will be there.  I mean, jeez it’s not like there’s nothing else to do! We are in this gorgeous place! They might want to sleep in or read or just sit and watch the ocean.


There were several locations on the island where we could practice depending on the weather but by far my favorite location was the dock. We would join there with our steaming mugs of coffee or tea and our yoga mats, watch the sunrise and set our intention for the day. Glover’s Reef is a magical place. It’s impossible NOT to be grateful to be here. I mean just look at it!



Practicing outdoors is very different than teaching inside a studio. Here we are surrounded by natures beauty: the sunrise, hermit crabs crawling along the beach, fish jumping or pelican’s plopping down into the water, maybe even a boat passing by. At first I thought it would be harder to focus on the practice but I found that it actually made the practice more spiritual. We were somehow able to absorb the beauty of the place and yet focus inward. Class became meditative, slower, more meaningful.

The word Yoga means Union. With the ultimate goal being union with the Body, Mind and Spirit. This was my goal for practice each morning. I not only wanted each person to get a good stretch and work their muscles. I also wanted them to be able to feel union within themselves and with this place. I wanted to facilitate connection with the energy of the island. I wanted them to be able to hear the Ham/Sa of the waves and realize this is the same sound of our breath.

I kept my voice low, the focus internal with reminders toward gratitude, presence and joy. The physical Asana progressed gently each day with an assessment class on the first day so I could see where each client was in their body. Then I changed things up each day to keep it interesting and slightly challenging. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it.  How do I know this? You know it’s a good class when you offer your Namaste and no one moves for about a minute. No one gets up off their mat and hurries to breakfast……they sit, slowly blink their eyes open and smile. They want to extend the bliss for just a little bit longer…..It was goooood!


The two weeks went by way too fast. Before I knew it, it was time to pack up my yoga pants and head back home. As a teacher I am always looking for the meaning or lesson behind things. Something to share with others. Some form of encouragement everyone can relate to. So, what is the message here? The message is: Dreams do come true people! Make a plan, write it down and move toward your dream every day! Tell the universe what you want – say it out loud! Say it often and watch the universe conspire to make it come true! You make your life what you want it to be! YOU have the power to choose, set your direction and make your life a Dream Come TRUE!!!!!!!