Use Your Words For Good!

Recently I received a note from a past yoga student and what she said to me made my heart soar! I haven’t seen her in about 3 months so I was surprised to get her message that included words of thanks and appreciation. I was so struck by her comments and her encouragement that I didn’t hardly know how to reply. It’s not that she’s not usually that way – she IS – it’s just that I didn’t expect it at that particular moment.

Then I started to think, when is the last time I  told someone thank you or that I appreciate them? When is the last time I tried to encourage someone and let them know how their example helped me to feel not so alone?

It seems nowadays that we are all eager to tell someone what they are doing wrong or what they need to change. We gripe at our spouses, yell at the kids, give the bird to other drivers and complain, complain, complain! And when we do think of something nice do we actually say it or do we keep it to ourselves?

What would happen if WE started looking for the good? Instead of complaining about the bad, what if we looked for the good stuff and started mentioning it? Started talking about happy news and not spreading the negative stuff around.

This train of thought made me remember a few years back when we went out to dinner as a family. Our waiter was so awesome that we called the manager over to give him a compliment – to tell him how great this waiter was. You could see by the dread on his face that the waiter was deathly afraid that we were going to complain. When he heard our compliment he almost visibly melted to the floor and the manager seemed so relieved!

It’s so easy for us to open up our mouth and use words in a negative, hurtful, unthinking way. I know I struggle with this a lot. I spend a lot more time quiet nowadays because I try to not speak without thinking about my words first….It’s HARD I know! If we could only use our words for good. Speak kindly, give encouragement, tell others thank you when they’ve been helpful.

Who knows, we might just say something nice to someone on a day when they really need it. A day when they feel all alone in this world. A day when they are questioning if they’ve ever done anything right…….and WE have the power to make their heart soar! So Use Your Words For Good…..go on, do it now…..what are you waiting for?