Choose Love over Fear

We have a decision to make in every interaction that we have in life and it’s simple. You can choose Love or you can choose Fear. If someone gets in your face and is belligerent, you can choose to smack them upside the head OR you can choose to let it flow off your back and say a silent prayer for them. When someone cuts you off in traffic you can flip them the bird OR you can choose to believe that they may have an emergency to get to. And if things just don’t seem to be going your way you can give up OR you can choose to believe that something better is on it way!

I know it seems like a small choice. It is. But if you consistenly choose Love over Fear your life will be a whole hell of a lot happier and easier.  But what does each word mean? What does Love encompass (besides the obvious) and what does Fear stand for?

Love = Happiness, Hope, Faith, Trust, Forgiveness, Looking for the Silver Lining, Believing it will get better, Taking care of our self, Believing the best of others, Letting people in front of you in line, Giving, Sharing, Talking to the Homeless, Holding the door open, saying YES when appropriate, Calling your mother, Believing in Abundance, Helping others, Believing in yourself and rooting yourself on with “I got this!”

Fear = Jealousy, Anger, Throwing a fit, Creating drama, Gossip, Pouting, Dishonesty, Being negative, Scarcity, Us vs. Them thinking, Isolation, Perfectionism, Addiction, Not being your real self, Worry, Selfishness (not self-care), “I can’t”, Thinking you are better than anyone else, Hoarding, And I’m going to add Depression because I’ve been deep in it and I know how fearful I was.

These lists are not complete by any means. They are just what I could come up with quickly off the top of my head.  When you are in the moment to choose, you’ll know which category you’ve chosen. Just remember that saying “no” to others can mean saying “yes” to yourself and that is definitely choosing LOVE. And there is a difference between taking care of yourself and being constantly self centered – which is not choosing love.

No matter what, it’s always a good idea to stop, breathe and think before reacting. Our life and our world is a reflection of our actions but none of us are perfect. We won’t always make the right choice. So if you mess up, choose Love and forgive yourself and move on!


Move Toward What is Light

I got some great advice the other day. And it came from someone I don’t even know. He’s a self-help guru from Los Angeles that I found out about on the Internet! Now I normally don’t go looking for a lot of help online unless I’m really down. But what he had to say landed in my brain with a, “Oh yeah!” And just like that I was hooked.

He said lots of great things but the thing that hit home was, “Move away from what feels heavy and move towards things that feel light.” Easy right? So, why have I never thought of it this way before? I’ve said, “If it isnt’ a HELL YES, then it’s a NO.” That’s a pretty good one and I’ve also said, “What’s meant to be will be.” Isn’t that a song from the 50’s or something? LOL…..

But FEELING how your body reacts to a situation or a question is easy for me. Do I want to travel around the world – Hell Yes! Excitement, My face smiles – hence lightness!!!!! Do I want to stop going to school and do it right now? Ummmmm no….concern, worry, lots of questions….hence a heavy feeling. See it’s easy! Give it a try!

Yeah….right now….ask yourself a question and see how your tummy feels….does your heart drop? Or do you start to worry about it? Or does it make you get all squirmy feeling and excited??????

I hope it works for you too. Sometimes all we need is a new tool to help us figure things out. Because we commit ourselves to things that we really don’t want to do ….because we get shamed into it, or our mom makes us feel guilty, or we just feel societal pressure…the reasons are never-ending really. And the truth is we shouldn’t do that.

Stick with your gut – your inner Guru. It will give you an honest answer if you listen. Try it out this week and let me know if it works for you!

Now you’ll have to excuse me because I’m feeling like it would be a very good idea to go spend some time walking in nature!!!!!