The Shaman

As I stood in the near darkness she wafted smoke across my body with a feather. She asked me to repeat after her. Words of affirmation, confirmation and grounding.  I stood there with my eyes closed soaking in the sensations. As the ritual came to an end she said to me, “What are you writing? I see words all over you, surrounding you, floating out from you.”

It took me a moment to respond. Her clarity and vision surprised me. I stammered a bit and smiled then answered that I write all the time. Nothing long like a book but I have messages that come to me all the time and I share them. I call them messages from the Spirit. They are always full of love and encouragement and support.

They come to me when I’m doing yoga, or on a hike and even while I’m looking at pictures on my phone. Sometimes they are garbled and take a while to make sense. Sometimes they are urgent and I can’t relax until they are on the paper (or computer screen) and sometimes I get nothing for a week or so and I wonder if they’ve stopped or if I’m just not listening.

Life is full of messages. There are the loud obstinate voices that demand to be heard and then there are the quiet whispering voices who speak truth to your heart. It is my goal to be somewhere in the middle. Some days I feel like shouting to the world, “CAN YOU HEAR ME?” and other days I just want to whisper in your ear, “Do you know how lovely you are?”

Either way, the words keep coming and I’ll keep sending them out to the Universe. It’s all I can do. I hope it’s enough and that someone finds encouragement and love.

Besos, Dawn



What Does Freedom Mean to You?

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is getting ready for the big party on the 4th! Stocking up on ice and beer, planning a BBQ and time with friends and don’t forget the fireworks! Celebrating freedom is big in America!

Freedom comes in many shapes and sizes. Teenagers relish the freedom that driving a car brings. For stay-at-home moms freedom is 15 minutes alone in the bathroom without a small child banging on the door! For people who sail, it’s pulling up anchor and heading wherever the wind takes you!


For me freedom means travel. In only 8 weeks my guy and I head off on a journey across the United States! We will be free to drive, camp and sail wherever we choose! I visualize us waving our hands out the windows cheering, “We’re FREE!!!!” as we drive down the interstate with Bruce Springsteen blaring on the speakers, and huge grins glued to our faces!


In addition to the freedom that our truck, tent and trimaran will provide over the course of the next few months, there is another level of freedom that I strive for.  Freedom that can only come from within. As a yogi I practice Aparigraha (freedom from attachments).

Freedom from attachment means freedom from things. I like having fewer possessions because that means less work for me! It also makes it easier for me to travel! No plants to water! No house/pet sitter. The Yoga Sutras explain that “Excessive attachment is based on the assumption that it (the possession) will contribute to everlasting happiness.” ( YS 2.7) So instead of buying stuff I prefer to have experiences.  It’s experience that makes life rich.

It’s not always easy though. I like to buy books, new clothes and shoes – oh how I like shoes. But I’m trying to have less so I go to the library or borrow books from a friend so I can return them. I try to be happy with the clothes I have. I’ve even been downsizing to prepare for our trip! It’s amazing how few clothes I actually wear during the course of a week! And when I’m tempted to buy shoes I try to remind myself what I already have. Although I did still buy those Doc Martins last year. I said I was practicing after all!

So as we celebrate on the 4th of July,  in addition to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness I wish for you freedom to look around you and see how much stuff you have collected. Freedom to decide if all that stuff makes you happy or not? And the ability to look within and ask yourself, “What does freedom really mean to me?”

I also invite you to connect with us on here on this blog or also on Facebook  at the Trimaran Journal or Yoga Gypsies as we make our journey across the US. It’s going to be an awesome adventure and we’d love to share it with you!

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday and I hope that you will always Live Simply, Breathe Deeply and Travel Lightly!


Being Real


I’ve been reading a lot lately about the importance of being real. I know that the relationships  I treasure the most are the ones that are real. By real I mean that both of us feel free to be ourselves, say what is on our mind, talk about virtually any topic and not hide behind any kind of mask.

I spent a lot of my life living behind a mask. I wore a mask with my parents – pretending to be what I thought they wanted me to be. I actually still do this to some degree. It’s just easier with my Mom to NOT go to the truth most of the time because the fall out would be hell. ( I can hear you echoing amen)

I wore a mask during school trying to be liked, accepted and to fit in. I wore a mask with my husband for many years – a mask that said everything was ok, that I was happy, that I felt loved, valued and cared for. I even wore a mask with my children trying to be the “perfect” mom – teaching them that I thought being perfect was more important than being real.

But I have learned that being unreal and living behind a mask is the worst possible way to live. It is counterfeit to our very being, false to our spirit, untrusting toward others, debilitating to our mind and full of self hatred. It is hiding in a closet, afraid to speak your truth.

With this blog I try to be very real. I try to explain to you how I truly feel. No hiding behind a mask or pretending to be something or someone I’m not. It does turn some people off or make them fearful for me. I’ve even been asked why I am so open with my feelings?

The answer is: Because I know that when I am real – it will touch others who are feeling the same way. Some people may find it uncomfortable but there are those out there who want to be heard. To have someone listen, accept them and connect in a deep, meaningful way.

And when we connect…when I open up my heart and show you all my wretched twisted glory  and you see it and love me anyway – that is pure joy, love and bliss. That is one soul touching another with a soothing, comforting hand. That is love like no other and cannot be replicated in any other way.

So I choose to be real. To live an open, honest and genuine life. To share my joys and hurts. To tell you the truth and trust you to hear me.  Namaste Y’all. Hugs.