Time Traveling in Texas

I drove across Texas today. I was on a small two lane freeway in the hill country noticing the beautiful Live Oaks and the creamy white Limestone buildings. Big huge American and Texas flags fly over businesses and homes. My windows were open to the warm sultry air and ….BAM….suddenly I was 19 years old again living in Austin Texas…and the slide show of memories began:

Stretching pizza dough at work, hanging out by the pool, being young and happy, driving down long country roads, hanging out on 6th street just for the free happy hour buffet, watching bats fly out from under the Congress Avenue Bridge, taking sign language classes at the Texas School for the Deaf, going to the Oasis to watch the sun set, working at the library at the University of Texas, going to Barton Springs when it got REALLY hot, that one time it snowed and we stood outside staring up in amazement, meeting a guy who really made me laugh.

So many really good memories. It’s funny though I know not all of it was good. There was bad relationship stuff in there and lots and lots of stupid choices. But those things seem to just fade in the light of all the good things that happened here. It’s kind of nice when you get to look back and you can give yourself grace.

I wasn’t here all that long but it was totally worth it. All of the memories made me smile and I was with that man who really made me laugh for a long time. We made two gorgeous babies who are now grown and making memories and stupid choices of their own…..and BAM…..I’m back in the present.

And the present is good too.




September Launch!

That’s it! I’ve had enough! (Big Sigh) This weather is just killing me! I’m so tired of being cold and wet all the time! I guess I’m getting older – you know like those people we call “snow birds” who live in the south during the winter and move back north during the summer. I don’t know about you but this idea sounds FABULOUS to me!

Actually this idea has been in the works for awhile. We started talking about going on a big road trip – even called it “The Great Escape” on occasion.  At the end of August we plan to pack up our gear and head off across the United States to sail, visit sights unseen and generally vagabond around the country. The goal is to eventually get to somewhere warm and sunny!


First, let me just give you a quick note about our “Plan.” You see, I am a planner. I love a budget, an outline, a schedule, a timetable, lists and itineraries……my boyfriend – NOT so much. In fact if I even say the word “Plan” he shakes his head and chuckles. He likes to “play it by ear,” leave room for inspiration and whim. Which is really good for me! It gets me out of my comfort zone. We’ve had some great adventures and always have fun together. I just wanted you to know that this “Plan” may change at any time, without provocation, due to weather, finances, caprice or mood!

Right now the idea is to head sound from Anacortes to Lake Tahoe. Then stop over in Los Angeles on our say to San Carlos, Mexico where we’d like to stay for little while. Next on the list is Lake Powell in Utah and a stroll along the gulf coast states to sail and visit friends and family. Finally heading over to Georgia and down to Florida for the big jump over to the Bahamas!


We leave Anacortes in September and want to be in Florida by the end of February – that’s 6 months on the road. Ending up in Florida in March so that we can avoid Hurricane season and make it over to the Bahamas for a few months. After that we have no plan – no idea even of what we will be doing. No jobs waiting for us and no idea of where we want to live. (Warm, sunny, beachy are on the list)

When we take this trip we will be leaving The Gypsy Love Bus – our 38 foot long RV along with my VW Beetle in Storage in Anacortes until we are ready to return. As our motto is “Life Simply, Breathe Deeply, Travel Lightly” – We decided that a truck loaded with camping gear, bicycles and paddle boards, pulling a boat on a trailer, followed by an RV pulling a Beetle was not really “traveling lightly!”

So, there ya’ go. For those of you who’ve been asking me, that’s the “Plan” as of today. Who knows, it might change tomorrow! I really like the idea of snowbirding. I love the idea of seeing the country and sailing our boat but most of all I love my guy and I want him to be happy. He wants to go sailing and I’m his first mate & crew!

Please take a moment and check out this link. It is Barry’s version of the “Plan.” He’s much more poetic than I am!