Looking for Love

My daughter loves elephants. I took her to Thailand last year. She met an elephant and fell in love. So from that day on elephants were her THING. She came back home and started to see elephants everywhere! Stuffed ones at Walmart, porcelain statues, funky elephant T shirts, cell phone covers, jewelry and even elephant candle holders!

This phenomenon may have happened to you as well. You want a boat – so all you see are boats everywhere you look. You want a puppy and it seems like your Facebook feed fills up immediately with people giving them away. Or you need a dining room table and a perfect one magically appears on craigslist for free!

Funny things happen when we desire something. It’s as though the mere act of focussing our attention makes there be more of that thing! It’s as though we are pulling those items closer with our metal power. Imagine Magneto from the Xmen –  arms outstretched pulling  everything he desires toward him!  But it’s no super power. It’s real. Our mind focusses on what we want and brings it to our attention and then our attention expands.

I’ve been focusing my energy on Love lately. I want more love in my life. I want my kids to have it. I want it to be my go-to reaction and I want others to make this choice too. So I’m not surprised that I see love everywhere. I see hearts in plants, the word LOVE scrawled on walls, Love poetry, graffiti and even in the trunks of trees. Was all this LOVE here before and I didn’t notice it? Did my “looking for it” cause the Universe to create more of it or am I just crazy?

Well, I might be a little bit crazy but the truth is that all this LOVE has been here all the time. I didn’t create it, I am just more aware of it now than ever. Maybe because I need it or I choose to believe in it. Maybe because I share it with everyone and maybe even because I am a part of it.

I believe that we are part of a wonderful creation. I believe that we share energy with everyone and everything around us and I believe that what we focus on expands. I know people who watch the evening news every day and all they see in the world is fear and worry. I know people who are so unhappy with their reality that they stay high most of the time. I know people who are so afraid that they carry around not one but two guns!

So choose your focus…..set your attention….I challenge you to choose something good like love, hope, forgiveness or health and see what happens. Let me know how what you are looking for expands for you!





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