Americas Religion – Consumerism

No one NEEDS three sets of dishes. No one needs “fancy” silverware, every day silver and picnic silverware too. Most of us have more clothes than we need and some of us even have clothes in our closets with the tags still on them!  No one needs all of that pressure to purchase, decorate and consume! What we need is to learn how to live with less. LOTS less.

I feel comfortable speaking on this subject because that used to be me. I wanted to be Martha Stewart. I loved everything she did. I bought transfer ware plates because she had them. I painted my rooms in muted shades because that is what she showed in her magazine. Hell, I even raised a couple of Arucana Chickens to get those coveted blue and green eggs that she raved about!

I had it bad folks! Mix my Need for More, More, More with my Need for Perfectionism and I was a hot mess! At one point I had 7 Christmas trees in my house – ALL during the same Holiday Season! I was so busy trying to be the perfect, wife, mom, home-maker, PTA member, and Church Lady that I lost site of what was the most important thing of all – my sanity! How can you stay sane when everyone is constantly telling you that enough is NOT enough?

Maybe it’s time we stop trying to do it all, Be it all, and have it all. Maybe it’s time that we say that it’s ok to live with less. That it’s ok to not be upgrading EVERY stinking time one is available or advertised on TV. I know I’m ready. How about you? Are you ready to say “enough” to all of the pressure to be perfect and stop trying to buy your way to happiness?

There are lots of people out there today sharing this message. You can check out the Minimalists. They have a similar message. Here’s what I’m doing.

  1. Stop buying so much crap. Do I NEED this or do I just WANT it?
  2. Get rid of what you don’t use. Clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff.
  3. Count your Blessings. Be more aware of the good stuff in your life.
  4. Be more Present. In THIS moment. Not the future or past.
  5. Don’t let others tell you what you need. You are the expert on that.

Life is NOT about stuff folks. Stuff just gets in the way. Have enough to be useful and comfortable but if you don’t wear it, touch it or love it – It needs to go.

It’s ok to say NO. YOU are enough without all the STUFF.


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