Hayloft Yoga – Bow, WA

As I lay in Savasana last night, cuddled up in my blanket, I could hear the sounds of horses munching their food, birds flying under the eaves and somewhere in the distance an owl hooting soft and slow. Hay Loft Yoga was a magical experience. I had never done yoga in a barn before but somehow the smells of hay, dirt and grass made me feel right at home. The location and smells helped me let go of everything that had happened in my day and allowed me to revel in the here and now.

I met Jessie Tierney several years ago when she was organizing Free Yoga Day at the Mount Vernon Co-op. Jessie is one of those people who just makes you smile when you see her. Her energy is calm, sweet and friendly. Not only is she a great yoga teacher, she also works as a Physical Therapy Aide and is on her way to school in Virginia soon to become a Physical Therapist herself.

Jessie’s love for alignment was evident in last night’s class. She came around and made sure our hips were level and that we were continually “elongating our tail bones.” She even showed us how to use our hands to feel the position of the pelvis in Virabadrasana I. Class was slow and thoughtful and thorough. I had to modify a bit because I had taught two classes earlier in the day and I was feeling pretty exhausted but by the time class was over, I was feeling better, looser and happier.

What I love the most about visiting other yoga teachers and other studios is that as a yoga teacher I need to be fed sometimes. My body gets tired, my energy gets low and I can begin to feel like I have nothing new to share. But last night Jessie’s love for yoga and horses and her students filled me back up again and helped me remember why I do what I do.

You’ve probably witnessed something like it before. When you are around someone and they just totally love what they are doing – it’s evident. It’s like they sparkle. There is a special energy shining out of them that you can’t help but notice. It’s a beautiful thing to see and to experience!

Jessie will be teaching every Tuesday night at 7 pm at Double S Quarter Horse Ranch in Bow Washington until the beginning of August. I’m planning to go as many times as I can before she heads off to Virginia. Please join her and see how the sounds of horses nickering in their stalls, the smell of peppermint oil and the view of the sunset through the barn doors brings you a whole new understanding of what a yoga practice can be.

P.S. Here is a link to a blog about their home in Sedro Woolley called The Woolley Green House.



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