Girls Weekend @ Harrison Hot Springs!

Sometimes you just need to run away. To get together with people who make you feel normal, understood and valued.  People who will listen to your issues, tell you theirs and laugh when you all realize how messed up you are! To get away from home, spouses, kids and everything familiar so that you can relax, renew and replenish each other’s spirits.

I drove a long way for this Girls Weekend! I drove about 2,500 miles from Franklin, Tennessee to Stanwood, WA to meet up with two of my best girlfriends. They had a weekend planned at Harrison Hot Springs in Canada and I was invited! I really wanted to go and had been looking forward to it for months! I even left my boyfriend behind in Tennessee to be able to make it in time!

Harrison Hot Springs is just a small hop over the border from Washington State. It is a small town right on the lake. There are a few hotels and restaurants. It’s small and quaint. Behind the hotel there are several hot spring pools at different temperatures that you can spend the whole day exploring and relaxing. There is even a spa where you can get a massage or body scrub.

We spent some time hiking and soaking, We practiced a little yoga and even visited the spa but mostly we talked…and talked and talked. We shared our worries, looked at each issue from several angles, took each other’s feedback and really listened.

I’m not sure what it is about a Girls weekend that is so special, so healing and comforting. It’s like we speak the same language. I am very lucky in that I have found a few women with whom I can be just who I am. We all agree that we trust, love, encourage and accept each other and we can relax because we don’t have to filter or edit ourselves.

The support we give each other gives us strength that we then carry out into the world and that makes us feel more confident in our interactions with others. Because we know that no matter what….there are people who really get us. We belong. There is immense comfort in that. It’s ok to be perfectly imperfect!

So go find your tribe. Find the people who love and accept you just as you are. It might take a while. But be true to yourself and it will happen. Then keep those people in your life. Be real with them. Be brave in your conversations with each other. Share the real shit. Don’t hide. Talk about the stuff that is REALLY bothering you and trust them to keep your secrets. It is the best, most healing thing you can do. I promise.


(Photo Credit Julie Shepler)



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