Saying Goodbye to Georgia

As I come to the end of my time in coastal Georgia and begin looking forward to the next adventure, I can’t help but feel a little sad that I’m leaving. I have never felt so welcomed and “at home” as I have here. It’s actually a little overwhelming how quickly I’ve fallen in love with this area. But when you have family nearby, friends who make you feel like you belong and all of the natural beauty that abounds nearby – you’d be crazy NOT to be sad.

We landed in Brunswick, Georgia in December of last year after a month long escapade to Gibraltar and Spain. We came to Brunswick partly because my boyfriend’s parents live here and partly because we really liked the area when we visited last Thanksgiving. We thought we’d check out the area a little more to see if living here could work for us. Unfortunately, things have not turned out as we hoped so we are on our way again soon heading in a new direction!

The thing I will miss the most is not a thing at all – it is the people. Everyone here has been so nice! When you travel as much as I do, you always wonder if you’ll “fit in,” if people will like you and mostly if you’ll be able to find work! Luckily, I found all of that here! People here are just generally friendly. People smile, wave and say hello. Folks ask if you’re new to the area and recommend places to eat and things to see. And then there is the customary “yes ma’am.” I hear in every store, gas station or check out line. Being polite is a way of life here.  I love that.


I will also miss the beaches. In Washington State a beach is usually a rocky, cold section of shoreline that is difficult to walk on and smelly. In coastal Georgia you have mile after mile of gorgeous sandy beaches where families lounge, birds look for food to steal and folks walk hand in hand watching the waves roll in.  My favorite beach is on Cumberland Island. Cumberland is a National Seashore so it is unspoiled and uninhabited. It is littered only by the occasional horseshoe crab shell or wild horse dropping. My second favorite beach is East Beach on St. Simons Island because of it’s shallow tide pools and friendly dogs that are allowed to play here. Third on my list is Driftwood beach on Jekyll Island where you can walk among the sun paled driftwood that feel like dinosaur bones that have been washed ashore.


I will miss the FOOD! Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE food. I will plan my day around where I can have lunch or even make a special trip out of my way to pick up some special delicacy that is on my mind. I love diners, dives, taverns and hole-in-the-wall eateries. In fact, since we’ve been in Georgia I’ve put on a few extra unwanted pounds. (grimace) There is so much good food here! Barbeque (This should be a category unto itself but I don’t have that much time!), hush puppies, sweet tea, boiled peanuts, peach cider, pecan rolls, key lime wafers, apple pie, she crab soup, freshly caught peel and eat shrimp…..I could go on and on……Is it almost dinner time? LOL

I will miss the Trees! They grow some serious trees here in the south. And I mean the kind of tree that makes you stand at it’s base with your jaw dropped open. Some of these trees are so majestic that you simply can not take them all in! Some of the Live Oaks here are said to be close to 400 years old! They grown huge and strong and spread their branches out in all directions as if they are stretching like we do each morning when we wake. People get married under these trees. Some are protected by barriers and signs warning people not to climb them. Which is really hard because that’s exactly what you want to do – climb up into it’s branches and just sit for awhile and maybe even read a book.


And last but not least I will miss St. Simons Island. It’s hard to explain why I will miss this Island. But I’ll give it a try. St. Simons just has a certain “feeling” about it. Every time I drive over the causeway onto the Island I can feel myself relax. I love the way the trees hang over the road waving their spanish moss jewelry at me. I love seeing the bicycle paths everywhere and people using them! I love that there is a beach access on almost every other road. I love that there is a slower pace here and that I can find everything I need from a Harris Teeter (that’s a local grocery store) to a Starbucks! I love that everyone here speaks slower and with a southern drawl – and they look you in the eye when they talk to you! It’s just a great place this island. If you’ve never been here – come on down for a visit. I think you’ll love it just as much as I do!

Moving day in only about a week away. As I pack my backpack and look forward to the next stop on my yoga gypsy journey I know that I will always have a warm spot in my heart for coastal Georgia. It’s lovely here and I hope to come back sooner rather than later. Thanks Y’all for your love and support. BIG HUGS!




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