2MPower Yoga

Dropping in to a yoga studio is rapidly becoming one of the funnest things I get to do. I meet teachers for the first time, see the way they interact with their students, steal any good vocal tips or asana variations and then I get to tell you all about it! My most recent drop-in was in Brunswick GA. The all-knowing Guru told me that there is a by-donation class on Sunday at 2MPower Yoga!

I love studios that offer a by-donation class. It lets me know that they are community minded and aware that not everyone can afford a normal drop-in rate or a monthly membership. It also gives community members a chance to get a “glimpse” of what this studio is like – are the teachers warm and welcoming? Is the class format easy to follow etc.

Our instructor for the night Robin, is a friendly, tiny bit of a thing with a million watt smile and the energy of the sun held tightly in control. She lets us know that this will not be a heated class but that she promises to get us nice and warm anyway. 2Mpower is a studio that follows the Baptiste style and it did NOT take us long to get warm – let me tell you!

At one point, about halfway through practice we were directed to move into Eagle pose – not an asana that is easy for me. I worked it though! Right leg tightly woven and wrapped around the left, left arm over the right intertwined, elbows up at shoulder height, drishti forward to a spot not occupied by a moving human, swaying, sweat dripping down my nose……holding……holding……holding…..OMG HOLDING!!!! And then dear, sweet Robin invited us to allow some softness into our standing leg….and I SWEAR it took super human strength NOT to say out loud…”YOU allow some softness into your standing leg!” Or “OH Thanks, thanks a lot!” I did chuckle out loud a bit though.

It made me wonder what types of things MY students think when I am instructing them through a tough and then tougher asana. I’m sure I get a lot of this type of “mental back talk” LOL. So it was funny to hear it coming from myself for a change.


( I didn’t take any pics that day – so here’s a random shot of me!)

The class was very challenging and I totally loved every freaking moment of it. I love a teacher who will push you, ask you for more, give you grace if it’s not in your arsenal for today and smile and laugh right along with you the whole time. Robin even said she wished she could be practicing with us and I wanted to move over and give her some room on my mat!!!!!

The next day I was feeling my body all over in ALL the right places! My core, the back of my thighs and bum, my shoulders and arms. I felt strong and powerful. Like I had worked hard and my body was grateful for it! It made me want MORE. It made me want to practice more and isn’t that what we all want in a yoga class? A teacher that inspires us, makes it ok to laugh and makes us want to practice more!

So I recommend 2MPower Yoga in Brunswick, Georgia. Come try out a class. They’ll kick your ass and you’ll love them for it!


2 thoughts on “2MPower Yoga

    1. Sure Cathy, I learn from everyone. Teachers share what they know. That’s just a colloquialism. When I see something or hear something catchy or cute I think, “I’m totally stealing that!” But all yoga knowledge is free to share and I’m glad for everything I’ve learned!(And stolen haha!) Namaste!

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