Over the Sea

The last few days have been a whirl wind of travel and sightseeing. On Wednesday we flew from Jacksonville, Florida to Miami, then to Madrid and then to Malaga Spain. We left Jacksonville at 7pm and arrived in Malaga at 9pm the next day.


(Me with all my stuff. I think I brought too much. WAY too much!)

Malaga is on the southern shore of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. I was surprised by how big the city is. Previously when I thought of Spain I envisioned quaint little villages with winding streets, cobblestone roads and little old ladies not in much of hurry to get anywhere. Well, Malaga has all of those things but it’s also a bustling metropolis with huge buildings, busses and trains and cars that try to run you down when you cross the street and people everywhere! Luckily there are some streets that are just for pedestrians and it is lovely to walk on them, taking your time to peer into shop windows and look for just the right bar to get a drink.


(One of those fun little winding roads)

My favorite place in Malaga was the Cathedral. I love old buildings and old churches are the best. I am always in awe as soon as I walk in. The scale of the building is so large that I can hardly believe how big it is. And the amount of detail blows my mind. I always find myself held tilted WAY back looking up at the ceiling!


(The Awesomeness of the Cathedral!)

After a couple of days in Malaga it was time to move on to Lalinea and Gibraltar. Lalinea is in Spain and it shares a border with Gibraltar which is British. Our first border crossing was interesting as not only do these two cities share a border – but that border is also the runway for the Gibraltar airport! So, to get from one country to the other you have to walk across the runway! It’s all very safe. They close the road when a plane is imminent but it still makes me feel strange!

As we walked around Gibraltar today I notice that it is very diverse. We saw Muslim people, Jewish people on their way to Synagogue, Aussies cheering on their favorite football team and Gibraltarians going about their work day. We saw lots of historical places including the Trafalgar Cemetery and we saw lovely boats at several of the Marinas including the boats we will be using during our training at Allabroad


(Boats in Queens way Quay)

We’re getting pretty excited. We keep looking at each other and saying, “What are you doing here?” We can hardly believe that we have put this plan into action and are making our dream a reality. It’s all a bit surreal. Barry even said today that he keeps feeling like he’s going to wake up and this will all be a dream.

Well, It’s no dream. We’re really here. This is really happening and it’s going to be EPIC.


(I found a Tardis!!!!)


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