Boats in the Desert and Exploding Heads!

You should see the looks we get driving down the road! Double and triple takes are the norm. People can not figure out what we are towing behind our truck and there are also two paddle boards on top of the truck and bicycles on front! We are carrying our adventure with us and now we are definitely part of the Travel Tribe!


(The Truck, with Paddle boards and Bikes, Pulling the Boat)

We left Anacortes early in the morning and travelled south through Seattle. A final rain shower baptized us as we headed south reminding us why we made this choice to go south. We made a short stop in Oregon to visit family and then out east on HWY 22 looking for a place to stop for the night. As it was getting dark earlier than we thought, we stopped at Suttle Lake just before Sisters, Oregon.


(SERIOUSLY – the boat ramp to nowhere at Washoe Lake State Campground)

The question is, how do you use a camp ground when you are towing a 27 foot long Corsair Trimaran behind your vehicle? There aren’t any camp sites long enough for the whole shebang so do you separate the boat and truck and use two sites? Will the tree limbs be trimmed high enough for the boat to pass underneath? And who the hell brings a boat this far inland? Where are they going? Luckily, we were able to park in the boat trailer area next to the boat ramp. It was the perfect camp site!


(The sunset view looking aft over the mast that has been dropped)

The Captain was amazed that I was willing and even happy to sleep inside the boat. I didn’t really want to attempt unloading the truck to find the tent, set it up in the dark, etc. The boat has everything we need! It has water in the tank, nice cushy bedding, lights and even a head so I don’t have to wander around outside at night worrying about bears!

Speaking of the head……We removed the original toilet and installed a porta potty. It’s lighter and simpler. Did you know that if you take a container which is filled with air from Sea level up over a 6000 foot pass that container builds pressure inside? LOL……..I used the potty, added a little water to make sure the paper would descend properly and leaned over the bowl to watch. As I pulled the lever to flush EVERYTHING exploded up into my face, hair and all over the head compartment! Luckily there were only liquids. All I have to say is that I survived. I was shocked to say the least but I had soap and water and towels so I was able to wash thoroughly before bed. What a learning experience!

Our boat, Maravilla is certainly getting to see things that her sisters on the water do not. Long windy roads, dark green forests, mountain passes, wildfire ravaged land and rivers and lakes that are a fraction of their former size. This trip is different from any we’ve been on before. We are still trying to absorb what this trip means to us and our lives. It’s not just a road trip – It’s a trip to a new life. We are making big changes this time. We want things to be different. More nomadic, more enjoyable, more adventurous – More US


(Camping in our boat in Nevada)

So join us on our journey to take Maravilla across the country. We started in Anacortes, WA on September 13, 2015 and Plan to be in Brunswick, GA by October 27th. Check back often to see exactly where Maravilla will be meandering and in the meantime take some time to find a little adventure of your own!



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