The (Not So) Fun Part about Moving – A letter to my Friends & Family

Hey Ya’ll. It’s that time of year again. Fall brings with it a change in weather, the kids all go back to school and for the last few years September brings with it another move for me. Last year I bought an RV we lovingly call The Gypsy Love Bus and moved it to Anacortes, WA to be my home! The year before that I moved from Stanwood to Des Moines, WA to move in with my guy and the year before that I was going through all the transitions that divorce brings.

This year is nothing new. In just a few days – 10 to be exact, I will be moving out of the Bus and into our pickup truck for a journey across the U.S. and over to Europe. I know, It’s sounds exciting doesn’t it? Everyone I tell gets all envious and glows excitedly over my plans. And I AM excited too but It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Moving and leaving a place and people that I love is difficult. I know it’s the right thing and I know I’m ready but it’s still not fun to leave all your friends and family and go somewhere new.

You think I’d be used to it by now. I was taught early to live a nomadic lifestyle. I attended 10 different schools K-12 and moved sometimes 3 times in one year. Moving that much taught me all kinds of great things. It taught me to value the present moment. It taught me to make friends quickly and to also let go quickly.

So as I prepare to launch on this new and exciting chapter in my life I do so with great Love for all of my friends and family here in the pacific northwest. I’m going to miss you greatly. I’m going to imagine that you are all riding along with me on this next journey, cheering me on and encouraging me to be Brave!

Much Love, Dawn



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