Moving into my Backpack

I have a confession to make……I am a gear junky! I love anything that helps me organize my stuff especially if it has lots of pockets, zipper compartments & attachments. In fact the only thing I ever stole as a child was a wallet. I didn’t really need a wallet but I fell in love with all of its pockets and the way it promised to help me keep all my stuff together, organized and in order! Grandma caught me and made me return the wallet – good job grandma.

So as I begin to prepare for my next adventure. I am looking at my gear and trying to figure out the best way to pack. I am moving out of my RV and into our truck as I plan on at least 6 months on the road and traveling abroad.

I have seen articles lately about people traveling for a year with only a small backpack – or even a woman who only used ONE outfit for a whole year. I’m not there yet. I am totally struggling with what to take and what to leave behind. I have donated about half of my clothes but I still have a tote full of clothes and shoes, a duffel bag of foul weather gear for sailing and a large backpack. Not exactly traveling lightly huh?

What I’d like to focus on today is my backpack that I will be taking to Spain & Gibraltar in November for a four-month stay. I recently upsized to a bigger backpack as my small 26 Liter Marmot backpack was just not going to be big enough.


I lucked across this gorgeous thing at a local thrift store! For only $20 I have a backpack that will hold everything I need! I packed it full of clothes and have been living out of it for the last week but then I noticed I wasn’t exactly enjoying the clothing I packed so I went back and packed only clothes that I LOVE. Things that make me feel sexy, happy, energetic and attractive!

So what’s inside? At the bottom I have three pair of shoes – one for hiking, one for on the boat and also a pair of flip-flops. I have four of my favorite yoga outfits (pants, shirt and bra), one pair of denim shorts and one pair of long pants and about 10 different shirts (short and long sleeve) 7 pair of socks & 7 pair of underpants. AND I still have room for my foul weather gear!

Packing ahead of time like this allows me to “live” out of my bag while I’m still at home and can make changes if necessary.


The compartment at the very top of the backpack detaches and it houses my toiletries bag. This gem is worth its weight in gold! I used to carry only a mall quart sized zip lock baggie but there is no way that will be enough for 4 months. So I purchased this bag that opens up and can hang from a towel bar. Again – gear head (recovering perfectionist me) LOVES this thing!


I am sure that as I go I will get rid of things that don’t work and purchase items on the road. Just as in Yoga – Life and traveling is a practice. We learn what works and make adjustments. I’m working on it and I encourage you to do your best to Travel Lightly too!

Only 13 more days till we launch!



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