5 Things I Miss About Living in a REAL House.

In about 8 weeks I will be packing up a very small amount of stuff and heading out on a year long road trip. We will be driving our truck loaded with all of our camping gear and towing our trimaran across the country to sail and hike and camp. As we get ready to go I have been doing some house sitting for friends of mine to help raise a little extra cash and also to get a break from our RV lovingly called “They Gypsy Love Bus.” House sitting has been really nice. The only problem is that it makes me realize what I miss about living in a REAL house.


#1 A Bathtub – There is just no replacing a nice bath. One that you can fill up with hot water and bubbles if you like. Sink in and soak, getting rid of all the stress from the day and wash thoroughly. It is so soothing. Something a shower does not quite accomplish. In a bath, you can close your eyes, feel the heat radiating from the water into your body, take your time shaving the acres of skin in which unwanted hair grows. You can even read a book if you want, light a few candles, make it an event!

#2 Laundry facilities – I know I’ve probably mentioned this in past but one of the greatest things about being in a REAL house is having your own washer and dryer. I can do laundry at night if I want! I don’t need a pocketful of quarters and I certainly don’t have to wrestle other people for a chance to use the dryer! I can even do multiple loads without someone giving me the evil eye because they also have a crap load of laundry to do!

#3 Gardening – I love watching a garden grow! It is so fun to go out every day and check to see if the beets are a little taller. Did the deer eat any of the lettuce? Check out those hollyhocks! Wow they are getting tall! Planting, watering, weeding and tending a garden is just something I don’t get to do in an RV and when I’m house sitting I usually get to eat some of the veggies too! Score!


#4 SPACE! I can walk around in a house and there are actual rooms! There is a bath ROOM, and a bed ROOM and a dining ROOM. My RV is only 300 square feet in one long tube. Sure there are sliding doors that kind of separate the spaces but being in a REAL house has made me realize how small my RV really is. And what most people feel is a small house – say 1400 square feet – that feels BIG to me! A house that has 2400 square feet is a mansion!

#5 A neighborhood. Since I’ve been house sitting I take time each day to go for a walk around the neighborhood. It is fun to see who is working on their flower beds, notice the apple trees coming into fruit, check out the fun styles of fencing people use. I miss that. In an RV we are kind of loners. Our neighbors come and go every few days so we don’t really take the time to meet them. Here I can imagine getting to know your neighbors, waving as you walk by, building a community.


I’m not sure what all of this means since in a few short weeks I will actually be moving out of our RV into a truck, tent and trimaran. I will have even fewer belongings and less space. But it will be a big adventure! Just as living in The Gypsy Love Bus has been an adventure over the last year. Someday I’ll have a REAL house again.  It’s something to look forward to! I’ve chosen to live this way – for a while. Because for now adventure calls and I’m listening. 🙂


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