Travel Home

I’ve been back from Thailand for a little over a week now and I feel so happy to be back home! I’ve done a lot of traveling recently – probably too much! I went to Italy in November of 2014, Belize in February of this year and then Thailand at the beginning of April! I really looked forward to each and every trip, dreaming of what I would see, the people I would meet and earning those cool stamps in my passport! It made me feel super grown up and worldly to be able to travel around the globe and even take my daughter with me! What I didn’t count on was how much traveling was going to make me love being Home.


My daughter and I in Thailand

Home for me is the Pacific Northwest part of Washington State – an area ranging from Seattle out in a arc from Renton on the south end all the way up to Anacortes in the north.  I have moved so much in my lifetime that Home isn’t one defined place anymore. Home is not the town where I was born, or where my parents live. Home isn’t where my children live or my favorite town. Home for me right now is a 38 foot long RV that I lovingly call “The Gypsy Love Bus” and even this home is moveable! HA!


The thing about travel is that you can’t help but compare the “foreign” places to your Home environment. It’s like I’m constantly do a match up in my mind of all the places I’ve been and the experiences I’ve had with my life here at Home. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons and right now being Home far outweighs all of the other places I’ve been.

From my travels I have learned that a vacation doesn’t feel like a vacation to me if I’m in a big city. I really need a beach and the ocean for it to feel like a real vacation. I’ve learned that flying for 15 hours is a big drawback to travel and something that I won’t repeat soon. I’ve learned that I’m happier with a cooler temperature than one that is too hot. I’ve learned that I am mightily blessed to have fresh drinking water that comes right out of my tap and that most of the bugs in my area aren’t trying to kill me or give me a deadly disease! I’ve learned that I love having hills to hike, water to paddle, friends nearby and meaningful work that i love.


Teaching Yoga

I’ve also learned that I like having a feeling of “belonging” over the feeling of being a “visitor.” Which is really interesting for me because I never feel like I belong anywhere. I don’t really feel like I fit in or that I’m included. I always kind of feel like I am on the fringe or the “If we can’t find anyone else we’ll ask Dawn to do it” list. But I do feel at Home here.  I know where all the good restaurants are. I speak the native language and I feel safe getting around.

So I’m going to enjoy being Home for a while. I’m not traveling anywhere soon. I’m going to enjoy the summer, do a lot of hiking and sailing, eat at my favorite dives and spend lots of time with my friends….. Because I do have another BIG adventure coming up in September. 🙂


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