Home Sweet Bus?????


I really don’t know what the hell I was thinking….. Well, that’s not exactly true. Back in October my boyfriend and I bought a 38 foot long Dolphin motor home to live in for a while. I thought it would be fun, we would downsize, live more adventurously, be outside all the time and that we would have that warm glowing feeling that comes from time spent together. I know a lot of our friends and family thought we were crazy and they were probably right. it’s not always great.

We are three months into our “Let’s move into an RV” experiment and I have to admit it has some challenges:

“It’ll be fun!” Yeah, if your idea of fun is cleaning constantly! I don’t know how such a small space gets so dirty! Most of it is the carpet. Our bus is covered in a light blue carpet that always seems to be full of pine needles, sand and grit. If you every get an RV with carpet – rip that shit out immediately and replace it with vinyl or wood – anything that is easily swept. It’s also fun if you like everything being smaller than in a normal house. We are only 5’8″ and we are too long for the couch, the windows all fog up every time we take a shower and the “office” is your lap. Yoga space appears when you push out the slide out, move the garbage can and fold down the extra counter space!

“We’ll downsize” That we did for sure! We didn’t need to bring any furniture. We brought our clothes, a few books, kitchen stuff and  just a few pictures and pretty things we loved AND the size of our bus keeps us from buying more crap that we really don’t need! And that’s a really good thing! Luckily we also have huge storage space under the bus. We don’t even have half of it full so if we did go on a shopping spree we’d have room for it all!

“We’ll live more adventurously!” How do you define adventurous? Is it adventurous to have to clean out and repair a frozen potty drain after a winter storm? is it adventurous to have to take apart and clean out the toilet when all your “stuff” gets clogged in it? Is it adventurous when your jacks start to sink into the ground because of all of the rain we’ve been having?

“We’ll spend more time outdoors.” Sure, we could spend a lot of time outdoors if only it didn’t rain so freaking much here in the Pacific Northwest! We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country but it’s really hard to get motivated to go out an enjoy it when it is raining every day! Actually, we have spent a lot of time out away from the bus because we avoid going back! When we make a run into town, we find every excuse to stay in town as long as possible so that our return will be delayed just a little longer. (I’m giggling to myself here because we just did this today after being on a two-week road trip!)

“We’ll feel all glowy from being together” This one is actually true – on my part anyway. I am surprised that after 3 months of living in such a little space that we haven’t had more disagreements or run-ins. We live happily together in our small space and we are forging a great bond. I still like him!!!! I’m really lucky 🙂

So our plan for now is to live in this bus for the next 8 months. I’m sure it will get easier as the weather starts to dry up a bit. I have visions of moving the bus to a beach somewhere. Somewhere where we can see blue sky and maybe even the sun! Where we can sit outside and have a camp fire at night, maybe enjoy an  adult beverage and have people come by to visit….ahhhh yeah….there’s another list of things I’m imagining…..I wonder how THEY will turn out?

Cheers from the rainy Pacific North West!


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