I Got Lucky Today!

When you are on Holiday in another state AND it’s a Holiday week –  you never know what’s going to happen when you go into a yoga studio for a class. Usually there are a lot of subs teaching, people on vacation and cancelled classes. But not today. Today I got very, very LUCKY!

I am on St. Simons Island, Georgia and I went to Omcore Yoga & Body for a Barre class! I’ve never taken a Barre class before although I knew it involved a lot of Ballet-esque poses. Our teacher for the day was Jennifer Mack and BOY did she ROCK the house this morning!

Jennifer started with a little aerobic warm up and then moved quickly into some plies and releves. Jen lights up the room with her big Georgia girl smile and cheerleading to keep us moving. Very quickly I was sweating and felt that old familiar muscle burn! Jen kept saying it’s “Butt by Barre Today” as a way to encourage us!


I also learned today that I am way more strange than most people! In class today I was moving and grooving to the music, doing the work – eyes closed…ya know…..really feeling it, dancing to the beat, moving my arms around and then I opened my eyes and noticed that everyone around was doing the basic moves – no flair at all! This is when I realized that I am no longer a resident in “normal town”! LOL.

It is a rare thing to find a teacher who is happy, encourages you to play, sing and dance at the same time that she is kicking your butt – literally by making you sweat and work AND makes the whole experience FUN! I haven’t had a class this good in a long while. Thank you Jen and thank you Omcore Yoga.


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