Stepping Back to Step Forward

Missed Congeniality

I took my first yoga class yesterday, and one of the first things I learned is: Planking is harder than it looks. Well, technically, that’s the second thing I learned. The REAL first thing I learned is that any residual gas bubbles in your body will scream towards the nearest orifice in a thundering exit with the first genuine bend or stretch.
Thank heavens it was a small class in a large, well-ventilated venue.

My purpose for taking yoga is multidimensional, mainly to make my daily wearing of yoga pants at least appear legitimate…but more importantly, as I near the half-century age mark, I detest what age, and that bastard gravity, have been doing to my body when I wasn’t paying attention. F*ckers.

And then Dawn came breaking. Dawn, the yoga instructor, helped me to break free from my comfort zone and get an entertainingly excruciating extension out of my…

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