Thanksgiving for Kayaking

Every once in awhile I wake up with a case of the blahs. This morning it was a slight headache/general malaise/missing my kids kind of feeling. It catches me unaware – I never know when it will come. There is no way to be ready for it, to prepare or get my armor in place to guard against it.

The only way I know to combat the blahs is to get outside – go for a walk or paddle somewhere new. That feeling of slight excitement that comes with a new adventure usually does the trick. So off we went with our kayaks to paddle off of Dash Point Park.1476179_10201879725767223_193809465_n

The parking lot was completely deserted when we got there and I could hear “Are we crazy or what?” ringing in my own head as we pulled the kayaks down off the car and carried them to the beach. We wore wetsuits, booties, rain coats, hats, and gloves. We could see our breath! It was down right cold (about 35 degrees!) There was frost on everything that was not in the sunshine!

But once I got into the water and started paddling the cold soon became the last thing I noticed. On the water even the smallest sounds become noticeable. There are the sounds of birds flying overhead and the sound of your paddle as it enters the water, waves lapping against the kayak – but mostly it is quiet. Today we even had a seal pop up out of the water to check us out!


After paddling down the coast past Dash Point and sliding under the fishing pier we headed back north toward the park. A few small roly poly waves gave us a fun little carnival ride and then the water became very still. Sitting still on the water with the sun shining across your back is a magical experience like being in church on Sunday morning with light streaming through the stained glass windows!

Sitting in my kayak, I became very quiet and allowed the sounds of nature to soothe me. I looked around and noticed the sandy ocean bottom 3 feet below, various shells here and there, light rippling-bouncing-refracting through the water, blue sky overhead, jet trails in the clouds, eagles calling from their aerie and soon I noticed my breath began to slow and my body relax. I closed my eyes and relished my smallness compared to the ocean and nature.


So today I am celebrating Thanksgiving for Kayaking. My little red boat allows me to get out onto the water and look at life from a new vantage point. It allows me to be in a different environment where stress and hurry and worry are not allowed. It forces me to be present, aware and breathe and that allows me to kiss the blahs goodbye!

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