When was the last time you played?

When I was a kid, playing meant to go outside and ride my bike or play hide and seek in the woods across the street. Sometimes we played with Barbie and Ken and sometimes I played with Matchbox cars with my friend Wayne. We also played on the beach – seeking for treasures on the sand and amongst the driftwood. We played a lot. We used our imagination to build rivers of hot lava on the ground between the furniture and pillows that were islands we could safely walk on. We played Robin Hood and tried to save fair maidens from fire breathing dragons……Just writing that brings back floods of memories from that time and there is a silly grin on my face.

Do you remember what that feels like? Has it been a while since you played? As we become adults play changes a bit. Some of us still like to play in the woods and ride our bikes. Some of us still like to play in the mud!


Some of us play by swimming or kayaking. Others like to be out in nature by hiking and camping. Some of us play by dancing and singing (even if it is just at home in our pajamas)! As a person who practices yoga I love to try new poses – like this headstand!


I also love to play around with partner yoga! 


Being on the water is always play for me.





How do you like to play? Has it been a while? Come out and play! You will remember how! It will be fun and you will feel that little boy or girl within you begin to giggle again! What is it that makes you giggle? Whatever that is for you – DO THAT….do it more often. Live your life, love your life. Time is short – do it NOW, Don’t wait. Be happy – Giggle your ass off!


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