Being Real


I’ve been reading a lot lately about the importance of being real. I know that the relationships  I treasure the most are the ones that are real. By real I mean that both of us feel free to be ourselves, say what is on our mind, talk about virtually any topic and not hide behind any kind of mask.

I spent a lot of my life living behind a mask. I wore a mask with my parents – pretending to be what I thought they wanted me to be. I actually still do this to some degree. It’s just easier with my Mom to NOT go to the truth most of the time because the fall out would be hell. ( I can hear you echoing amen)

I wore a mask during school trying to be liked, accepted and to fit in. I wore a mask with my husband for many years – a mask that said everything was ok, that I was happy, that I felt loved, valued and cared for. I even wore a mask with my children trying to be the “perfect” mom – teaching them that I thought being perfect was more important than being real.

But I have learned that being unreal and living behind a mask is the worst possible way to live. It is counterfeit to our very being, false to our spirit, untrusting toward others, debilitating to our mind and full of self hatred. It is hiding in a closet, afraid to speak your truth.

With this blog I try to be very real. I try to explain to you how I truly feel. No hiding behind a mask or pretending to be something or someone I’m not. It does turn some people off or make them fearful for me. I’ve even been asked why I am so open with my feelings?

The answer is: Because I know that when I am real – it will touch others who are feeling the same way. Some people may find it uncomfortable but there are those out there who want to be heard. To have someone listen, accept them and connect in a deep, meaningful way.

And when we connect…when I open up my heart and show you all my wretched twisted glory  and you see it and love me anyway – that is pure joy, love and bliss. That is one soul touching another with a soothing, comforting hand. That is love like no other and cannot be replicated in any other way.

So I choose to be real. To live an open, honest and genuine life. To share my joys and hurts. To tell you the truth and trust you to hear me.  Namaste Y’all. Hugs.


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