Dream Big!

I grew up in a trailer park. You know those small, grubby looking places that are wedged in between strip malls and freeways? The ones where the yards are full of small cement ornaments and plastic flowers. You know the kind of place I’m talking about?

When I wasn’t living in the trailer park with my grandparents I lived where ever my mom took me. I have lived in many apartments, once right next to a railroad that would make the apartment shake when a train went by, a travel trailer in Alaska (it was tiny and COLD). Basements and small shabby rented rooms.

We moved a lot. I went to 8 different school before graduating. Sometimes for a few months and sometimes for as much as two years. When I look back on that part of my life I feel some sadness at the instability of it all but out of that experience came many good things. I learned to make friends quickly! I learned to let go of friendship quickly (moving tomorrow!) I learned to be outgoing and friendly and to look for the good where ever I went.

I never knew what my life was going to be like 6 months down the road but I knew change was imminent! I had to live in the present and do the best I could with what I had. And I got really good at it! I used to dream about traveling – you know the BIG kind of traveling – to other countries and to someplace of MY choosing.

Fast forward to today and I am on the brink of another move. The start of another great adventure and hopefully the beginning of a wonderful phase of my life. I’m moving once again to a new house, a new way of living, a new partner and a new future.  AND…..not only am I moving to a new house…..my dreams of traveling BIG are coming to fruition – finally!

This week my company announced our 2014 lineup of International Yoga Adventures! We are taking the leap of faith and trusting that there are others like me, like us who want to visit the world, meet new people and live an adventure!

Our first trip in March is to go sailing along the coast of Belize! We have reserved a 38 foot Catamaran that sleeps 8 people. We will sail, swim, play with our kayaks and paddleboards, eat fresh fish, enjoy some sunshine and hopefully we’ll see some dolphins and make new friends!

Our second trip in June is a Discovery of Morocco! We start out in Marakesh where we get to peruse the local markets and taste the food. We also travel out to Berber villages and trek through the Rose Valley. Finally we ride camels on the edge of the Sahara Desert and sleep in a Bedouin camp overnight! (Doesn’t that sound dreamy?)

Our third trip is a Trek through Thailand! We start in Bangkok and visit Buddhist temples, take an overnight train to Chiang Mai and then we visit Chiang Do and get to ride elephants!

Isn’t that amazing? It’s almost too much to believe. It seems like a dream – a BIG DREAM!  A really, really good dream. Travel the world and see it’s sights. I get to choose where I want to go now AND I get to invite others to come along with me! Not too shabby for someone who grew up in a trailer park – huh?


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