Yoga is teaching me to LET GO!!!!!


Let go? Let go of what Dawn? What do you need to LET GO of? Well, just about everything it seems. In yoga there is a lot of teaching about letting go of our attachements. Attachments to things, places, people and outcomes are just some of the things I am working on LETTING GO.

Letting Go is very difficult. We get attached to our things, our belongings, our possessions. But it’s funny, I’m finding out that I don’t own things – they own me. I love my books, my artwork, my collectables, my shoes (oh yes I went there ladies!) But if I want to have a life of freedom, travel and happiness I am finding that owning things, storing them, dusting them is such a waste of my time. I would much rather travel around the world than stay in one place to pay rent on a house just to store my stuff – (please see George Carlin’s “STUFF” sketch here)

Letting Go of places is next. Where are you from? Are you from the place you were born or your longest residence? Are you from the place your parents raised you or are you from your college town? Letting go of an identifier like this can be very difficult. This one is easier for me because I have moved around so much in my life that I can’t really answer this question without about 10 minutes of your time – and boy is that a waste of time! I still need to come up with a good answer – maybe “I am a citizen of the world?” I’m open to suggestions.

Letting Go of people is very difficult for me. Especially my children. I have two teenagers 18 and 16 and even though the stress they sometimes create in my life makes it easier to let go of them – they are still my babies and I am not sure I will ever be able to totally let go of them. I am learning though that I have to let them fly – especially my 18 year old. He is an adult. It’s time for this momma bird to let him fly from the nest!  Now I just have to figure out how to stop the worrying part. I have to realize that they are intelligent, capable, young people and they are going to direct their own lives. I’m not in charge anymore. I need to Let Go with lots of hugs and kisses and good wishes!

Letting Go of outcomes is probably the most difficult. My life is not what I always thought it was going to be. I did not plan to be divorced after 21 years of marriage. I did not plan to be a yoga instructor – in fact I didn’t plan to be anything. Not knowing what the future holds, where I will be living, where my children will be, where I will be working – It’s all a bit much huh? Like flying in the fog. Or as a good friend of mine puts it “Jumping into the abyss!”

This is also where Yoga comes in – I am continually learning to LET GO of my assumptions about my yoga practice and asanas. Earlier this week I was able to touch my toes to my forehead but yesterday – not so much. Also this week balancing on my right side is wobbly and unstable – due to a pulled hip muscle a few weeks ago that is still healing. So I have to LET GO of what I think I am capable of – some days are strong, others are not. Let go of what I think I can do and just do what I can.

So this is where I am. I am smiling, trying to Let Go of it all. Trying to be accepting of where I am on a daily basis. Attempting to let go of my assumptions and attachments to outcomes. Trusting my kids to be smart and strong and make good choices. Hoping the fog will clear and the view will be a brilliant blue ocean and white sandy beach!


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