Stillness is Good

Yoga is teaching me that stillness is good. This is a particularly difficult lesson for me because I came from a lifestyle of activity – doing – busyness is better. The more activities, the more commitments, the more jobs the better. I am also a recovering perfectionist so I love a list! Boy, give me a list and I will set about marking those items off one by one and If I can do them all before noon – then aren’t I special and talented.

But be still? Sit still? Have no plan for the day? No list of “to do’s”? Ouch! That’s almost as painful as going to the dentist. What will I do with my time? Do I just sit here and stare out the window? Physical stillness is difficult – as many of you found out the first time you attempted Savasana at the end of practice. It is almost as challenging as any other pose – that lying still, letting go, letting the breathe move on its own, keeping the mind present.

Physical stillness is hard but mental stillness – for me – is much harder. I have had brief moments of mental stillness but to be honest, it doesn’t last for long but when it does – OMG – it’s the most refreshing, soothing thing imaginable!

The last 24 hours have been really hard at my house. The stress level is palpable as soon as you walk in the door. My body is reacting negatively and my mind is off the hook. So I took a little time this afternoon to meditate. I listened to Rod Stryker’s Stilling the Lake of the Mind and it helped. I can actually take in a deep breath now – something I haven’t done since this time yesterday. I can see the forest through the trees and know that this too shall pass. I’m going to be alright.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not all Zen. I still have a lot to deal with but I do feel better. Stillness is good. Sometimes It’s hard to get there but I encourage you to try. This life is hard and things are always been thrown at us when we least expect it. Yoga is teaching me that by being still, getting grounded and breathing I can weather the storm better.

~ Namaste Ya’ll



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