Choose Love over Fear


Choose Love over Fear! Sounds easy right? I’ve have come to find out that it’s not as easy as it sounds. I discovered Choose Love over Fear as my Dharma about two years ago and it’s been a day by day struggle – sometimes minute by minute depending on the situation. But thankfully, through the study of yoga, I am learning how to Choose Love over Fear.

Let me define what I mean by this statement. I believe that everything in life falls into two categories: Love or Fear.

Love includes: happiness, time with my kids, eating yummy food, bringing joy to others,  yoga and any other type of exercise, noticing beauty, being present, holding hands,  warm fuzzy thoughts, being in community with others and especially choosing to believe in the positive.

Fear includes:  anxiety, hurtful words, nervousness, circular thinking, hurrying, stress,  hate, gossip, negative self talk and small mindedness. It includes limitations and worrying about what other people think, only living for the future and self abuse in any form.

Instead of worrying about the heavy traffic in front of me that might make me late – I choose to believe that I should enjoy a slower pace today, take my time, smile at the folks around me and be at peace. Instead of worrying over my son and his choices in life – I choose to believe that I raised an intelligent, articulate young man who will eventually figure out his path. Instead of worrying about my future – I choose to believe that the right job will come to me when the time is right.

Notice in the last paragraph how each example I wrote used the word “worry.” Worrying is a big thing for me – my challenge to overcome. I have learned that worrying is a waste of time. When I worry I create a made up future that will impact me in some negative way – So basically when i worry I create something false to make me feel bad – Why would anyone do this?

The most important word here is “Choice”.  It’s my choice. I can worry and fret and moan and be miserable or I can CHOOSE to be positive, think the best of people, give love to everyone I meet, and trust that it’s going to be alright even if I am not in control. I choose love = happiness over fear= unhappiness.

I believe in the law of reciprocity. Treat people the way you want to be treated. What you send out in to the world will come back to you. There is enough fear and anger and hate in the world already- we don’t need to add to it. Choose Love over Fear People!


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