Yoga Taught Me That I Am Stronger Than I Thought.


It’s not every day that you get to fly. To be held aloft by your partner who is your ground, your base, your foundation. It is extremely energizing and exciting to practice Acro Yoga. A couple of years ago I never would have even thought of trying this. But yoga taught me that I am stronger than I thought.

I remember when I first started practicing yoga….I was full of self doubt and worry. I wasn’t a very athletic or active person. I took ballet for 3 years as a kid so I knew exercise was good for me but the most exercise I got now was an occasional walk. I was overweight and unhealthy. Would I be able to practice for a whole hour?  Would I fall over? Would I feel silly?

As it turned out – not only was I able to practice for an hour – I felt even better after practice than before! I didn’t fall over (unless you count wild-thing) and there was no need to be feel silly or self conscious because yoga is not a competition – it is self improvement, self-study and growth!

Not long after I began, I noticed that I could hold down dog longer than when I started and side planking was fun! Vinyasa was full of flowing energy and movement and I wanted to challenge myself more and more! I wanted to learn more poses, attempt more difficult inversions and make myself sweat! Make myself sweat – did I just say that? Yep, you betcha! What was happening to me?

Now as a Yoga Teacher I get so excited when a student sees some kind of improvement. Maybe they stand in Tree without a toe on the floor for support for the first time. Or they sleep through the night without sciatic pain or even complete a side plank without falling out of the pose. Each and every one of these accomplishments is a cause for celebration in my mind because I have been there! I know how amazing and exciting it is to achieve a pose for the first time when I wasn’t sure I would be able!  I always hoop and holler and give them a high five for accomplishing something new – finding strength they didn’t even know they had.

That’s the amazing thing about Yoga.  It is a perfect metaphor for life. Lots of times in life we are unsure of ourselves, doubt our abilities and wonder “If……” You may be in a place right now where you are feeling some of these things. It’s ok. I know. I’ve been there. all I can say is to step out and give it a try….whatever the “it” is. You may surprise yourself. You are certainly capable of more than what you give yourself credit for. I know. I’ve seen it happen time and time again on the mats in my studio.

And you know what is amazing about the yoga and strength equation – yep, you know where I’m going with this right? The more you practice, the stronger you become! The more you practice, the more you are capable of and in life it’s just the same. The Key is to just give it a try. And you know what might happen? You might eventually feel brave enough to FLY!


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