A Hike, An Exploration, An Adventure



After my coffee this morning my body whispered to me that I needed to get out and MOVE!  The sun was shining, it looked warm and I could hardly wait to pull on my Keene’s and head out the door!  I wasn’t really sure where we would go or what we might see. That sense of being on an adventure, a small tingle of unknown, permeated the air.

Something you should know about me is that hills are really hard for me. I don’t like them. I’m in pretty good shape but hills just kick my butt. So very soon as we headed south along the Redondo boardwalk  and then up the hill on 1st Ave., I began huffing and puffing and trying to remember why was I out here sweating?


My boyfriend suggested that we try to find Powell’s Wood Garden on Dash Point Road. A garden? Sure! That means I can stop and rest right? I was all for that and luckily we walked right to it!  As we looked longingly through the wrought iron gate, feeling like victorian street urchins looking in on the wealthy, some caretakers saw us and opened the gate! I was worried that we (sweaty, disheveled and uninvited) shouldn’t be there or that someone might yell at us for our unannounced visit but as soon as I stepped over the threshold I became enthralled by the views around me!

As I stepped inside, I saw the most magical garden rooms, each one leading into the next! Stone steps, a creek with a bridge, lush green grass and the most beautiful plants! Each one labeled and lovingly pruned or staked! This place was like a fairy tale!



I love gardening and being outdoors so this place was like heaven to me – and I didn’t have to do the weeding! LOL We wandered through the garden marveling at the flowers and foliage, feeling the wetness of the grass under our feet  and wondering what types of events must they have here? (And how could we finagle an invitation?) It would be great for weddings, garden tours (of course) and yes even a yoga class! We felt so honored and privledged to be walking through this lovely paradise all alone – how did we rate? It was almost as though the gardens belonged just to us for the few minutes that we enjoyed them.


I was able to see and experience all of this beauty because I listened to that little voice in my mind that said to get out and MOVE today. You never know what you might see: like the squirrel eating blueberries off the bush, or feel: the awe of a private tour of the most beautiful garden, or hear: children splashing in a nearby pool. It’s all unknown when you set foot outside your door.

Be open to the possibility. Be open to exploring someplace new. Be open to adventure. Even if it’s just on your morning walk. Hugs ya’ll. Hope you had a lovely Friday.





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