Wanderlust in Whistler/Gypsy Style


I have just returned from Wanderlust in Whistler, Canada and my head and heart are reeling! I had so many wonderful experiences there that I have not yet been able to absorb them all. I still feel as though I’m floating as I did on the slack line above. Ok….maybe I’m not floating….yet….maybe precariously balanced? Yep, that’s more like it!

There were world-class teachers with whom I would never otherwise have had the chance to practice such as Rod Stryker and Sean Corn. There were concerts every night, great food and since we were in the Olympic Village we could walk to everything we needed!  The place itself was gorgeous! Mountains, lakes, rivers, woods – it was all so serene and welcoming. It truly felt like home. I wonder if Wanderlust feels like home no matter the location? Hmmmm that would be fitting for a yoga gypsy like me huh? A nomadic wandering tribe of yogis, practicing, dancing, learning, creating where ever they go…….What a great life!

I promise to post again in a few days and go into more detail about this weekend. I just need a little time to sleep, dream and make my thoughts make sense.  Namaste Ya’ll


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